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Fudan UniversityFudan University

Shanghai, China

Fudan UniversityJohn Herman, Ph.D.
Director, VCU-Fudan Partnership
Director, VCU-China Relations

Virginia Commonwealth University’s International Partnership with Fudan University began in the fall of 2003 with discussions among VCU faculty members about the potential of future collaborations with Fudan. Since then, both universities have enjoyed numerous delegation visits and a steady exchange of faculty and students for summer programs, yearlong academic exchanges and research and laboratory exchanges. In February 2005, John Herman, Ph.D., associate professor in VCU’s Department of History, was named director of the VCU-Fudan Partnership and director of VCU-China Relations.

University facts

City stats: Population 18 million, center of commerce
Private/Public: Public
Number of students: Approximately 30,000
Hospital/museum/theatres, etc. attached to the university: Fudan Medical Center
VCU relevant annual programs: VCU American Studies Program (summer)
Top recognized programs: Most programs at Fudan are among the top in the country, but it is best known for its College of Humanities and Sciences.

Partnership track record

Departments/programs interacting at each university: School of Mass Communications, School of Engineering, School of World Studies, VCU Brandcenter, Psychology Department, Chemistry Department, History Department
Type of activity: Faculty/student exchange, graduate dual degree programs, collaborative research

Areas of promise

Departments/programs interacting at each university: School of the Arts, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs (Masters of Public Affairs), VCU Medical Center
Type of activity: Faculty/student exchanges, graduate dual degree programs, collaborative research